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Melissa D. Johnson
18 February 1983
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Above all, I am Catholic Christian with a low tolerance for angry-types. I've got a wide array of friends with differing beliefs, so don't let that scare you off!


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I now have an MP3 rotation journal at mippas_music! (Please feel free to donate to help keep it running!)

Ooh boy, time to update the user info here. I am a 2005 graduate from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. I majored in Communication with minors in Chinese and Political Science. I have recently returned from a three-year stint in Tokyo, Japan, and currently reside in the most awesome city in the world, Austin, Texas.

I am a happy mommy to a sassy calico cat named Priscilla ("Priss" for short.), my baby boy kuroneko named "Kyu-chan" (As in the number 9!), and my newest rescued-babies, Noel and Cyrus.

I'm an anime fan/Japanophile (but I'm WAY too cute to be otaku!) and a recovering LARPer (but WAY too normal to be a dork!), who is, essentially, a bit spoiled and attention-starved, as well as extremely vain. I am a fiercely independent Alpha female who is, at the same time--awfully needy. But for some reason, you guys love me anyway. Anyway, my spastic thoughts are now being logged in this journal, and while I may not volunteer ALL of my thoughts, this is pretty much no-holds-barred.

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